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 Last updated May 2017


Absolutstaff is situated on 5 acres in South East Queensland.

Founded in 2008....Please read below to find out a little bit about us.

Our love for Staffords began many years ago as children......but after welcoming Willis to our family we wanted to share the wonderful experience of having the best family pet in the world with others!!


My husband and I along with our 4 children started to breed Staffords to be able to give people what we are soooo lucky to have.


The precious love of a staffy!!


Our Staffords are companion/house dogs, they are our much loved pets. Therefore the photos you see on my website will be of our dogs playing, eating or relaxing. They are not professional photos, in fact I took them all with a $90 camera. These photo's are true.....no tape under our dogs ears to give the pricked look....no artificial gloss on their coats....no staged show dog like poses......no tricks!! What you see is what you get! You will see several photo's of our dogs, not just one staged posed photograph.

We love our Staffies and give them a top quality of life with plenty of exercise. It's a dogs life!


My aim is to breed healthy disease free Staffords with the tank body shape of a Champion. Although I am personally partial to the Blue and Black Staffords, all colours are beautiful. All colours of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier came from Brindle. Brindle is a strong gene and compliments all the other shades in the coat.

No two Staffords are the same," ALL" Staffies have a different colours throughout there coat that's what makes each dog unique!    No coat is a solid one colour.....if they were ....how boring!!! 


Absolutstaff is small we only produce only 1 or 2 litters a year- we believe in breeding Quality not Quantity. We are proud of the professional, caring way we raise our beloved dogs, for however long they may reside with us here as a part of our family.



We only breed from dogs with the most loving, gentle temprements, and choose dogs with Champion Bloodlines, they must have that Classic Stafford shape. Diamond shape heads, tuff tank bodies. Our dogs are all carefully selected. We only breed from dogs that are fit and healthy.......DNA tested and cleared of ANY Hereditary diseases.




At Absolutstaff we adore the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier and specialise in excellent Blue Bloodlines. My aim is to breed to better the breed so I try to improve my dogs with every generation. My goal is then to dabble in the show world but this preparation and planning takes many years. Always the most important quality in any dog is it's temprement! They must be beautifully natured!



 We hope our  Progeny will bring the same happiness to you and your family.



 Some of our customers have started out as just that customers and have become wonderful new friends! I thank you for the joyful experience. 



 Please enjoy our pages! Thanks!



The picture above is of "ABSOLUTSTAFF Will I am" 

and pictured below is Chloe and Zeus.


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