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"Our Staffy's wouldn't even hurt a fly"!

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"A picture speaks a thousand words"


Hi I'm Justine and this is a beautiful blue baby boy!
Twins holding twins
Amazon and Hannah
Hannah and Willis
Irondog Abs of steel
Princess Peachy
painted nails..what a diva
I'm not scared of a camera!
Warm Amazon
baby"AMAZON" with toddler Hannah
We've both Grown!
so beautifully!
"Oh no! not dress up's again!"
Kye and Willis
"Willis getting in touch with his girly side"
Do you like being a Fairy Willis?
NO! but I love you Hannah.
warm Willis
in love
I'm doing gymnastics too!

teenagers love puppies too
BMX Chook
Bring on Indy!
yum...Willis chompin a chop.
In dads ute
I'd rather sit on the front seat!
Beautiful Blue/Fawn
Jumped into a drain and cut my back feet

Chicken Dance
Moo and Chew
Rooster "Roo"
Willis checks out a Yabbie
Kye and Willis Yabbie Fishing
Off to work!
warm Diaz


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Justine Soper
South East, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0403901773
Email : [email protected]

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