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Happy pups in Happy Homes

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Sam Mitchell cardio training with his Absolutstaff "Rufus" blue stafford and Summa a chocolate Lab.

"JACK" @ 11 weeks old
at 3 months of age
"Bear" turns 1! Happy Birthday
Amazon and Willis's pup






Baby "BRANDY" at her new home in Newman WA with new sister Holly


Achillies 3 years later beaut black Stafford
"AXEL" at his new home xoxo
"Rocco" 4 months old
Son of Willis and Diaz
Zues arrives in Tassie
Coco big girl now xoxo
Princess baby "MIN" on her royal throne
A wowowowoo staffy talk
baby "Tikani"
Sarah's favourite 2 boys in the whole world!!!!!!
Mavi at 5 months old
Winter cuddles, cold outside!
Brandon and "Chopper"
Big Blue Boy "TYSON" with his new sis Ellie.
"Tyson" snuggles Ellie
Sleepy Zinta...cool bed!
"Mavi" at 11 weeks old love the dog tag! xoxo
"TYSON" and Ellie waiting for dad to come home from work
A sleeping Blue Koala



"Coco" with her new bro Zues
Mavi Milady
Tim and Mavi

"Rufus" and Suma a chocolate Lab
Wind in the Willows


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