Rainbow Bridge


RIP.......... our beautiful man has passed away in a Tragic accident in MAY 2012.



 Till we meet again Willis at Rainbow Bridge


A poem for Willis


From the first moment I saw you

cuddled up in the arms of my husband

and you looked up at me and straight into my eyes

I knew it was love.......puppy love

With your playful cheeky spirit

right from the start you stole our heart

holding our breath in the car when you'd travel fart

Chasing you around the backyard when you stole a shoe

and falling in the pool, sinking, we'd have to save you

Marks best mate......his Fat Boy

with Mark you were content, never needed a toy

you'd follow him around everywhere, Mark's shadow

waiting for him to get home from work, you were his first hello

When everyone else was in bed, winter snuggles on the lounge with me

never fussy always happy to gobble up what I gave you for tea

Always there by my side when I'd try to get fit, walking hours in the Park

I felt confident with you to protect me if it started to get dark

You'd talk to us "Woooow woooow woooow"

Your way of saying thank you

All grown up.... you knew right from wrong

A smart dog, a quick learner, that just wanted to belong

Willis you were so loyal, so innocent, so gentle, so happy

We will miss you forever our Big Blue Beautiful Staffy

How special you are cannot be truly expressed into a word

But you cannot just simply vanish.......................

Your special memory and cherished existance must be heard.


Love mum Justine






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